Steps for the Activity

  1. We believe that peer-to-peer activities are the most powerful way to facilitate interaction, build networks, and collaborate. Successful activities are:

    • Participatory: Engaging and activating participants from the beginning and getting them making and doing, rather than listening and watching.
    • Purposeful: Working toward meaningful goals.
    • Productive: Well-planned so that concrete outcomes are achieved in the allotted time, and participants feel time was well spent.
  2. Pose some questions: What interests you? What is a story you would like to tell about it if you could? What exists on the web to help you make that story? Video? Images, Audio?

    • Go to
    • Sign in so you can save your project!
    • Click on the "Search for Media" tab and search for media related to your topic
    • Drag and drop the media into the timeline on the left
    • Go to the Events tab and add text, maps or 3D models that help to tell your story
    • Review the story in the timline. What does its say? Drag media you've added


  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Web Access


How can you use the web to tell a story? What are the components of a story?

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